Beaver (vagina) Is an organ that connects the womb. (uterus) With the vulvar area (vulva) In which Thai women have an average length of about 6 ถึง 10 Cm, with the vaginal mucosa wall is a cell type "Square Thomas" type that does not produce keratin. (non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium) The hormones that are important for the healthy growth of the vaginal mucosa is this type of estrogen. (estrogens)

Because the inside of the vagina consists of many non-pathogenic bacteria, but the dominant and It is important to balance the only one type is Lactobacilli (bacteria). This type of bacteria will decompose the glycogen in the vagina into lactic acid to make the vagina stable. Acidity at pH 3.5-4.5, by this weak acidic environment That will be a shield against infection From other pathogenic bacteria

But if the environment inside the vagina has changed Regardless of the cause, such as infection, chronic illness, improper cleaning of the vagina Or into the menopause state These things Will cause the vagina to have a more alkaline pH (greater than 4.5), it will cause these symptoms such as vaginal discharge, itching, sore or burning sensation, vaginal odor, etc.

At present, cleaning products are hidden. There are many products in the market, should choose products that are Safety and suitable, having the following properties, such as weak acidity Do not mix chemicals with high alkaline activity after use, does not cause irritation Or with chemical residues The important thing is not to change the vaginal pH.

The proper cleaning is not to wash into the inside. Should be cleaned only outside After washing and cleaning, pat dry, not letting wet or damp. If any of these symptoms should be consulted with a doctor, such as abnormal vaginal discharge. With an unpleasant odor Leucorrhoea with a green or yellow color Itching, swelling, or redness Pain in the vulva or area of ​​the vulva, etc.

Article by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Kriangsak Sirisak Phanich
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Phramongkutklao Hospital