Cleaning innovation

With the maintenance of hidden spots in one


Cosmeceutical, skin cleaning, concealer, water formula
Rich in pure value from nature. Adjust balance
Ready to protect and revitalize the skin deeply and tenderly
With Nano Vitamin ACE Technology
Helps skin clear, soft, moisturized, healthy skin
Along with reducing itching, irritation and odors

Different properties

  • Clean and refresh
  • Ultra gentle water formula
  • Double inhibits bacteria
  • Deodorizing and reducing vaginal discharge
  • Reduce various itching and irritation.
  • Add moisture to the skin Reduce dryness
  • Revitalize dull skin to look brighter
  • Strengthens the skin barrier to make the skin feel stronger
  • pH 4.5 maintains the natural intimate balance.

The power of natural balancing

Gentle like water Specific formula developed to have a pH 4.5
To maintain the natural balance as a weak acid of the hidden spots

0% Soap, Paraben, Color, Silicone

Passed the irritation test from the Dermscan Medical Institute.
Security Can be used even for sensitive skin

There are 6 needs for a hidden health spot.

Clear results in 1 week *

After using only 1 night, found that ...
89% Clear odor
98% Feels soft, moisturized skin

After using for 3 consecutive days, found that ...
98% Unpleasant odors disappear.
90% Redness and irritation

After using for 7 consecutive days, found that ...
85% Improved skin condition Look radiant, healthy
93% The symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge are noticeably improved.

* Tested in women with high activity groups,

213 pregnant and postpartum after 1 week of use *

Suitable for anyone ....

  • People who exercise regularly
  • During pregnancy and after birth
  • During the day there are a lot of activities Caused by damp
  • During menstruation There is a chance of being easily infected.
  • Have sensitive skin Requires special care