symptom "leucorrhoea" It is considered one of the important problems for women of all ages because, aside from being a physical health issue, it may affect mental health. Resulting in lack of confidence and may affect married life as well

Therefore, vaginal discharge Also known as leucorrhea or the jellyfish Therefore considered another condition that women experience problems Which may be caused by a hormonal response inNormal girl Or caused by mild disease to severe disease as well Leucorrhoea is another important issue that women should not overlook.

As usualBeaverThere are clear or milky mucus secretions which come fromBeaverAnd fromuterusforHelp bouquetThe vaginal fluid is moisturized and also helps to remove germs. Or various irritating substances The symptoms of this type of vaginal discharge are normal, but if "Abnormal vaginal discharge" เช่น

- There is a yellow-green mucus with a foul odor, often caused by certain bacterial infections or sexually transmitted diseases.

- Leucorrhoea with milk-clot preservative Rash or itching in the vagina, especially during cold weather or at night, often due to fungal infections

- Leukorrhea that has blood mixed may be caused by cervical inflammation or a warning sign of cervical cancer.

In general, natural vaginal discharge may result from hormones that cause different amounts in the menstrual cycle. Therefore, even normal vaginal discharge, if there is a large amount or is damp, it may cause unwanted odor.

- Choose underwear that have good ventilation. Do not wear pants that are too tight, especially if it is in hot weather.

- Cleaning should be washed only outside with clean water or products that are acidic similar to the vagina. Not too alkaline because it may cause irritation and subsequent inflammation

- Pat dry after every cleaning

- However, if the said behaviors are still abnormal or notice any of the above abnormalities, then should see a doctor in addition to an annual internal examination because most of the causes of the condition "leucorrhoea" Can be cured in a short time, and if it is a warning sign of other serious diseases such as diabetes, which often develops from vaginal discharge Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis Or cancer that has a vaginal discharge that will have treatment immediately.