Treatment of vaginal discharge, itching in the intimate area in 7 days

Symptoms or itchy discharge in the hole and intimate area

Caused by a "fungal" infection in the vagina


Cosmeceutical, skin cleaning, concealer, water formula

Treat vaginal discharge and itching at the cause Healthy balance with pH 4.5

Inhibits the growth of mold Cause of vaginal discharge and itching in the intimate area

Ready to protect and revitalize the skin deeply and tenderly

With Nano Vitamin ACE Technology

Helps skin clear, soft, moisturized, healthy skin

While also reducing itching, irritation and unwanted odor

Real users confirm The itching actually disappeared!

Clear results in 1 week *

After using only 1 night, found that ...

89% Clear odor

98% Feels soft, moisturized skin

After using for 3 consecutive days, found that ...

98% Unpleasant odors disappear.

90% Redness and irritation

After using for 7 consecutive days, found that ...

85% Improved skin condition Look radiant, healthy

93% The symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge are noticeably improved.


"Decreased vaginal discharge No smell"

"Known each other for almost two years Hidden point, we never get sick again."

"Since using the first bottle Vaginal discharge, itching, odor reduced to almost noneOkay. "

"Really good. Reduces vaginal discharge very well. Use about 1 week The vaginal discharge is gone."

"Used for many years Never cheated on to use another brand again."

"Only used 2 days Less discharge, no itching Really good"


The power of balancing


Gentle like water Specific formula developed to have a pH 4.5

To maintain the natural balance as a weak acid of the hidden spots

0% Soap, Paraben, Color, Silicone


Araya medical cosmeceuticals for hidden spots

It has passed the irritation test from Dermscan Institute of Medicine, France.

Confident and safe Can be used even on sensitive skin like a hidden point

Suitable for women of all ages And women pregnant or after giving birth

Size 200 ml / use for about 4 months

Cosmeceutical innovation Clean the intimate spot pH 4.5 water formula

Eliminate the problem of vaginal discharge Intimate itching Cleaning and maintenance in one

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