All mothers after birth, whether natural birth Or giving birth through surgery must have amniotic fluid
Come out after every birth It is a new experience for mothers. In particular, new mothers may have doubts and worries about the existing amniotic amniotic fluid or not. We come to get to know each other.

After giving birth, mothers will have sores in the uterus. At the position of the placenta Therefore, amniotic fluid is the liquid that comes out of the wound and calculates and then flows into the birth canal of the mother who is pregnant.
The amniotic fluid is composed of the lining of the uterus that is peeling, red blood cells, white blood cells, lymph and bacteria. Nam Dao Fish is divided into 3 phases which are

1. Lochia rubra Will be issued the first 2-3 days after birth Dark red color, may require 3-4 sheets of sanitary napkin per day

2. Yellow clear fish sauce (ochia serosa) It is a reddish-brown fish sauce that fades into transparent colors. Eventually, it is found on days 3-10 after birth.

3.  Lochia alba Is the amniotic ammonia. After the 10th day, it will turn into a milky white color. This type of ammonia will last 4-6 weeks after birth.

Normally, the amniotic fluid smells differently from menstruation during normal times. The color of the fish sauce should gradually fade, and the amount of fish sauce should gradually decrease as well. Most mothers after the birth of the amniotic fluid will run out within 4-6 weeks, except in some cases where the large children, large placenta or twin womb, etc. may have longer period of normal amniotic fluid.

If mothers after birth have an amniotic fluid Which has a foul odor than the smell during menstruation The amniotic fish has returned. Red after fading Or the amniotic fluid becomes more fresh blood Or sometimes the mother may have fever or pain in the uterus as well. If any of these symptoms indicate a problem, such as an inflammation in the uterine cavity or the placenta in the uterus causing further inflammation. If the mother has these symptoms Should rush to see an obstetrician for further treatment

Since the fish sauce has alkaline properties Which is contrary to the natural balance of women 'hidden spots, so during the amniotic fluid it is easier to become infected in the vagina Or the vulva area easily

For mothers after childbirth that still has amniotic fluid, whether by natural birth or surgery, you can shower normally.

- Using a bath lotus practice Should not be immersed in water or swimming during the presence of amniotic fluid.

- Do not douche the vagina. Because it can increase the infection in the uterine cavity

- Mothers who give birth naturally, the perineal area can clean normally too. Mild soap to prevent Irritation And mop to clean and dry