Araya strives to offer hidden spot care products
Which selects valuable natural extracts from all over the world
In order to obtain cosmeceuticals, take care of hidden spots
Highest quality, gentle, safe Is accepted internationally
Thinking creative until getting a special formula

For good health ... for most women.

Our beliefs

 Araya is a trusted close friend for women.
Which understands that the hygiene and health of the hidden
Is important That will increase confidence
For a woman like us In every situation

Araya believes that taking care of the hidden "Accurately and impeccably"
Is what makes women stand out Both physically and mentally


Because the hidden spot is fragile
Care must be gentle. And be assured that it is the safest
Which we understand the importance of maintaining balance
Of acid and alkaline conditions 3.8 - 4.5
This is why our products are so important.
In the selection of natural ingredients
That has a balance Like a hidden spot for women

"The most gentle care For your hidden spot "


 Araya takes care of the hidden spots like an expert.
Araya products have been accepted by doctors. And certified
From the world class skin institute Dermscan from France
Gentle, safe Suitable for all skin types
Even sensitive skin

Therefore, consumers can be confident that products from ARAYA
Be safe And truly high quality