Araya Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of the vulva or inside the vagina (Vulvovaginal candidiasis) is an inflammation. Infection in the lower genital tract That is common, especially when the environment in the vagina has changed, with 90 percent of the bacteria often caused by the Candida albicans (Candida albicans) can be found in women of reproductive age And postmenopausal women May be associated with bacterial infections (Bacterial vaginosis) or trichomoniasis. Which is a type of protozoa with tails The infection may be caused by one type of infection or it may
Can occur at the same time for both or three reasons Above

Araya Contract to Warn

Vaginal washing

  • Leucorrhoea is a thick white, similar to flour or milk stains. Is the most common symptom.
  • Itching at the vulva or inside the vagina
  • Burning
  • Usually has a musty odor If there is a foul smell Often found together with bacteria
  • Swelling, redness, or abrasions caused by scratching the vulva
  • Having pain in the vagina during or after sexual intercourse etc.

A single fungal infection usually does not cause severe symptoms. But if there is a joint infection with some bacteria, it may cause more severe symptoms. If not treated properly, for example, the infection may spread. Up to the pelvis above Became an acute pelvic inflammatory disease Which may lead to danger to life

Araya Development of Mold

Vaginal washing

Which makes the environment Mild acids in the vagina change (lose balance)

Araya Difficult Antibiotics


Receiving broad spectrum medicine For a long time This will reduce the amount of Lactobacilli bacteria that protect the environment in the vagina against infections.

Araya Tight Clothes

Wear clothing that is too tight.

Hot, humid weather is a favorite source of candida. So if you girls Like wearing clothes that are fastened to the body Humidity in the hidden place will be greater than wearing transparent clothes. Ventilated

Araya Low Resistance

Low immunity

Some diseases that cause decreased immunity in the body or impaired such as diabetes, kidney failure, AIDS etc.

Araya Pregnant


When pregnant The body will have higher estrogen levels. Resulting in the fungus growing better as well

Araya Birth Control


Girls using contraceptives (IUDs) or diaphragms (Diaphragms)

Araya Golden Age

Golden age

Menopausal women often experience hormonal imbalances in the body. Which is one of the factors of Can cause mold in the shade cloth

Prevention is better than cure We will prevent or avoid behavior, risk factors To cause How are these infections?

Araya Prevention methods

Maintain proper vaginal hygiene By cleaning only the outside Not washed away inside Especially when there is menstrual cycle, which is the time that is likely to be infected easily Having only one sexual partner, maintain health Be strong with regular exercise, get enough sleep, when you are ill, should not buy medication. By themselves for a long time If any of the above symptoms should consult a gynecologist for proper treatment.

Article by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Kriangsak Sirisak Phanich