A new dimension of gentle rejuvenation

Cosmeceutical skin care, hidden areas, women


Rich in various natural extracts From France
Helps to restore the skin to feel radiant, elastic, moist and tight.
Along with inhibiting bacteria And the fungus, the cause of odor and vaginal discharge
By maintaining the natural balance of the hidden spots

Different properties

  • Solving abnormal vaginal discharge problems
  • Removes mold and bacteria without damaging the balance.
  • Helps to solve the problem of non-objective odor
  • Reduce various itching and irritation.
  • Add moisture Reduce the dryness of the skin
  • Revitalize dull skin to look brighter
  • Helps to strengthen the skin's important points And look younger
* The result depends on the skin type. And individual lifestyles

The power of deep nourishment
Skin cell level

Outstanding texture, water-based serum The texture is gentle.
Selected from 100% pure nature.

Combining the innovation of serum with Nano Technology
Highly concentrated, non-greasy, non-greasy

Gentle like water

Specific formula developed to have a pH 4.5 to maintain
The natural balance is the weak acid of the hidden spot.

Free of skin irritants
4 things (4-FREE)

  • Alcohol free
  • Paraben Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Synthetic Color Free

Dermatologically tested for irritation.
Security Can be used even for sensitive skin

There are 6 needs for a hidden health spot.

Clear results in 1 week *

After using only 1 night, found that ...
89% Clear odor
98% Feels soft, moisturized skin

After using for 3 consecutive days, found that ...
98% Unpleasant odors disappear.
90% Redness and irritation

After using for 7 consecutive days, found that ...
85% Improved skin condition Look radiant, healthy
93% The symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge are noticeably improved.

* Tested in 213 active women, pregnant and postpartum women after 1 week of continuous use of the product.

Suitable for anyone ....

  • People who exercise regularly
  • During pregnancy and after birth
  • During the day there are a lot of activities Caused by damp
  • During menstruation There is a chance of being easily infected.
  • Have sensitive skin Requires special care