Araya Mini Set
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Araya Mini Set

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Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser

Medical cosmetic clean spot 200 ml / can be used for about 4 months.

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Araya Advanced Recovery Serum

Internal rehabilitation medicine from the balancing of hidden spots, size 40 ml / can be used for about 4 months

Powerful results after use

✓ Baked germs and bacteria
✓ Maintain problems if Lin Abnormal leucorrhea
✓ Reduce irritation and itching
✓ Skin is soft and moist from the first use.
✓ Feeling firmer
✓ Healthy and radiant skin
✓ Increase casting Reduce injury
✓ Normal internal balance

100% certified by medical institutions

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- Serum for vaginal discharge, infection, eliminate odor and itching While also restoring the health of the younger sister's skin to be brighter and firmer
- Deep cleanser cleanser Ready to protect bacteria And external mold That causes vaginal discharge and odor

When used together, the results are clear. The hidden weakness is returning to health. Can turn all worries into confidence

- unwanted odors disappear
- Abnormal vaginal discharge significantly reduced
- Skin feels elastic More fitting
- Feeling more clear skin
- add lubricating water Reduce irritation